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When my partner and I realized we wanted to adopt a more zero waste lifestyle, we realized one thing we could not find an (easy) alternative for was our non-dairy milk, which comes in cartons. I started researching cartons and found that they are made of multiple materials, such as plastic, paper, and aluminum. I called the city to learn whether Boise can recycle these or not and was disappointed to find out the answer is no -- they are to be thrown away and sent to landfill. I researched a little more and found the Carton Council, an organization that is dedicated to educating the masses about recycling cartons. I found that they had a locator tool to find out where the nearest carton recycling facility is, so I tested it out with multiple Idaho zip codes -- nothing came up -- but there was an alternative. They provided a few addresses of recycling facilities that accept mail-in carton recycling. There wasn't much time between me deciding to do this for myself and deciding to involve the community. It started as a pick-up service where I would have people sign up on a form for me to come and pick up their carton recycling. Then, we established a drop-off bin at the Boise Co-Op.We could never have done it without the support of our community, so thank you!!


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